City of Baltimore Police Dept

The parking enforcement vehicle comes courtesy of Bob Bainbridge. The second row of patrol cars and motorcycles were taken during services for fallen Reading PO Scott Wertz in August 2006 and appears courtesy of Reading Police Department and Pennsylvania State Police.


Maryland State Police


Montgomery County Police Department

Pictures on left courtesy of Craig Penuel



MVC-377F.JPG (80074 bytes) Mvc-378f.jpg (127410 bytes) MVC-379F.JPG (56733 bytes) Ocean City Police Department

These photos were taken July 4, 2000 on a "Spur of the Moment Tour" which included Ocean City, NJ; Wildwood, NJ; Higbee Beach, NJ; Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Ocean City, MD and getting gas in Virginia. Why? Because we could back then. This story alleviates me from bitching about the fat cop in OCMD who was chowing on McDonald's and yelled at me for taking pictures of his car. Probably a summer part timer. (July 2000)



Rockville City Police Department