FIELD OF DREAMS - Dyersville, IA

All I have to say about visiting this location was...WOW! I had the whole place to myself for a while. I roamed the outfield waiting for someone to come out of the cornfield. I heard something, oh wait that was the breeze. The day couldn't have been any better. I am sure some sissy pitcher types would cry the blues it was a little cold. I sat on the bleachers, walked out of the corn into center field. Even though it is fictional, it is still a magical place. I highly recommend it, especially since it is so off the beaten path.

In case you didn't know, the field is actually owned by two neighbors. They each have their own souvenir stand set up. As I read the one owners historical information I got the feeling there isn't much love between the two families. The power lines that run across the field pretty much follow the property line. Wish I would have had someone to toss to or hit to. I hope someday to make it back there.

I made these pictures lager than the rest in case anyone wanted to use it for wallpaper. Take what you want.

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