Trains on January 23,2009


H85 moved a bunch of empty coals into the Pottstown yard via Tillys. They would later leave with full coal cars but I wasn't there for that.



34M is a regular out here which used to be a regular stop at Reading but with the destruction of the Reading Yard only stops there as required


I am thinking this is 14G, I failed my New Years resolution of logging trains


There was a great debate as to what can be currently seen as far as the Black Rock Tunnel in Phoenixville. I decided to walk up thru the Reservoir Park and take a gander. Its not going to be easy and for the amount of traffic and (ho hum) Dash 9's I will probably only do the tunnel from a boat. If you look closely through the tree you can see the bridge. It was a bitch to reach this point.


Another attempt at 31J at Pottstown. I figure if I can somehow master night time photography at 40mph I will be able to do it at a slower speed without any issue.