Trains on January 6,2009


Another 21M at Wyomissing. Tried to shoot some of the trailers that I don't see too often.


Welding a frog at Wyomissing Junction


Heard a car fire dispatched near Wyomissing Junction and hoped to get some good shots before the fire company got there. Turned out to be a car with an oil leak that was smoking. Love do gooders with cell phones.


Stopped at West Laurel since I heard traffic there. Caught the H90 with the Conrail SD40 leading. The H90 had to sit and wait for the 19G to pass before heading to Blandon and points east. I thought this was 34M, but 34M was actually a couple miles behind this train on the Belt Line waiting to head to Allentown. Heard the dispatcher tell 34M they wouldn't stop at reading anymore because "of the dismantling of Reading". I know that has been a heated debate amongst railfans in these parts as to whether or not the yard is closing or downsizing. This economy is horrible right now.


My favorite symbol on the NS system 507 brings a load of empties through Monocacy. If you look down the rails you will see the yellow sticks along the track for the detector at 46.9.


501 coming by Pottstown


39G heads west through Pottstown


MOW crews working to replace some rail in Pottstown at the east end of the storage yard, which lately has become more of a graveyard for box cars.


38G eastbound at Pottstown


H48 moving box cars to a hopefully temporary visit to the Pottstown Yard. The engineer told the conductor that they can finally tell someone, "That the yard is finally full".


There was a Road Railer Triple Crown trailer parked on High St. Note the groove for the tongue of the trailer behind it which would slide in as well as the air line on the side of the trailer. There is one on the front left of the trailer too.