Trains on January 5,2009


First catch of 09 was 21M at Wyo. Even got a honk and a wave from the crew. About an hour later 14G came east and headed toward Pottstown and points east.


I heard 34M coming west as I made the Turkey Path run. So I went to CP-Bird to hope for a passing shot.



One last catch of 14G at Keim St in Pottstown


Went back to Pottstown after working a few hours for Matt. Heard the 31J coming west as I left Lower Providence. So I figured why not, break out the big flash and see what becomes of it. Caught the 21Q as well. I am sure neither crew was really happy to see us as the flash lit up the insides of both cabs. Need to find someone with some good outdoor lighting. Like famous railroad photog O. Winston Link (Click here for an example or two)