Trains on December 29, 2008


14G making its way eastbound through Pottstown just before 10am. Decent consist with lots of coil cars and color.



There was an MOW crew hanging in the lot at Hanover Street waiting for traffic to pass so they could do some welding near the Washington St bridge. I always wanted to see how exactly the high rail vehicles made the conversion. The crew was kind enough to let me watch up close. I was going to camp out on the Washington St bridge, then I thought better of it and just got some photos of them jumping on at Hanover St. Very friendly bunch of guys.


I then made my way out to Reading via Birdsboro to see if anything was working there. I found my way to the Brewery. (It is at 9th & Laurel Sts) Found the old Reading Train Station at 9th and Chestnut Sts. Where I would catch the 34M and there gruff looking crew. I mean how hard is it to wave back? Oh well.


I heard 897 a coal train at Leisey having some issues mechanically so I thought I would try and pass him and get west of Reading. He didn't move for a long time but I caught a PRL local working near Sinking Spring. This crew was actually friendly and waved. Shocker.



After making my way back to 422 I was trying to scout out some new places to shoot. I stumbled upon the Annville Station. Neat building.



Yet another small town gimmick by the folks at Chocolatetown U.S.A. The news media were out in force for the test of the giant Hershey's Kiss that will rise or fall for New Years Eve. I didn't have a place to stop so all I could shoot was through the window of the car.


A quick peek at the Rutherford Triple Crown Yard from the 63rd St Bridge. I would love to go in and watch ops sometime.


I have heard so much about the Enola yard. I wanted to go and see it. I need to make one of those group outings to Harrisburg sometime and take it all in. Some cool power out there, I wish I could have found a better place to shoot pics from.


Palmyra PD working at a crash on RT-422 where someone smacked the Friendly's sign and the traffic light pole.


In my attempt to find the control point formerly known as CP-Millards, I stumbled upon this relic on a siding with a bunch of coal cars. Looks like Lebanon Valley materials has three engines out near the main line at Clear Spring Rd.


Is this Lebanon or New York City? I can't believe $2500 a month for a parking spot. Or rather $25 as Lee pointed out to me. I was sick when I saw it and still out of it when I processed the pics.


Night shot of what I believe to be 35A at Pottstown station. Its blurry because I didn't have much time to prepare and shot it freehand.