Trains on December 2, 2008


Chasing 34M in Pottstown and West Laurel

34m was the first train I saw in Pottstown this morning. Then caught it again at West Laurel. I like this spot, trains are a little slower and the heads up on the radio is a little more consistent through town. (VIDEO of 34M at West Laurel)


H48 on the Turkey Path and on the main coming back from Abrams

The usual run out through Birdsboro provided a pleasant surprise in the form of SD-60's working. One in Conrail blue. (VIDEO OF H48 at CP BIRD)


More West laurel

West Laurel was a gem of a find. Between the great access and slow speeds. NS9300 led the 19G . Then NS3100 brought the H33 west through West Laurel. This is the same engine I shot a couple weeks back working the Stowe yard. (34M came east in the middle of this)

(19G Video at West Laurel)

(H33 Video at West Laurel)


CP-BIRD on the way home

I have been trying to shoot some traffic at CP-BIRD recently. I needed a new shot tired of the same old shot from Pottstown. I want something where you don't feel as though the train is right on top of you. Caught the 38G eastbound led by NS 2502. (VIDEO OF 38G)


Scouting a new spot

Checked a spot in Birdsboro for a new shot, no trains. I didn't hang out real long. I didn't want to be in the line of fire.


Familiar spaces in Douglassville and Pottstown

It was getting to be time to go home and make dinner, so I headed east. I heard 39G coming west and stopped at the Douglassville Hotel. Nothing too exciting NS2716 leading. When I got into Pottstown heard the 937 coming west. Looked like a move of MOW flat cars with some strange contraption on the first car.

(VIDEO of 39G)