Trains on November 28, 2008

14G in the AM

The first photo is yet another of trespassers at Pottstown station. I believe it is a group of homeless who live under the rails near the community college. 14G was nothing special this morning. My special ride is later in the day and further below..


Steamtown and the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train at Steamtown

I subscribe to several internet mail lists with train information. There was a note on one of those lists about the Canadian pacific Holiday Train. In the brief time I have been chasing trains I have on occasion seen photos of the train and wanted to go see it. The train consists of 14 cars and is used by the Canadian Pacific Railroad as a public relations tool and they raise money and gather canned goods for needy people. The boxcar with the trees on top of it opens up and is a stage in which there are concerts hosted. The show lasts about an hour. There was a crowd of probably a thousand people in Steamtown. I lucked out when I left to get video of the train moving. I found a woman standing along the road. Asked her if she was waiting for the train. She said it was a great spot to watch and even told me I could park in her driveway. Thanks Sue! Sue also let me know about the special passenger on the observation coach of the train. (VIDEO OF CP HOLIDAY TRAIN)

Everyone I met and talked to in Scranton was super friendly. I felt very welcome. I hope to get up there again. Well worth the 110 mile drive.


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