Trains on November 19, 2008

Headed out in pursuit of the elusive 30J

After getting word from Eric B that 30J was held up out near Womelsdorf I figured this might be the morning to wait at Hanover St in Pottstown. The first two trains to come through were westbounds. The first train was 21E which is the mail train with all of the trailers on flats. (21E on Youtube). You will see some UPS trailers plainly marked. 34M ran a little while behind it more black Norfolk Southern power for the mixed freight train.(34M on Youtube)


30J the train which runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday's from Buffalo, NY to Philadelphia loaded with containers on baretables. Usually led by red locomotives which is a bit of a change to the normal boring black and white provided by NS on a regular basis. (30J on YouTube)


After all the excitement of 30J, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. I ran home for a quick break and went to head back out since we knew 14G was on the way because the dispatcher told the MOW work crew that they needed the track cleared. Check out the snow on the last car (14G on YouTube)


Since I was having such a successful day I figured I would press my luck and head up north of Reading and see what I could find. I went to Temple, PA and to hang by the old train station right at the point formerly known as CP-Laurel. (34M at Temple on YouTube)


After a brief stay at Laurel I headed down to Wyomissing. I was hoping to get something from the bakery and chill for a bit. First thing through was an H49 moving some cars around. They moved up to right in front of us then backed in to the junction. Don't know where they came from or where they went. (H49 on YouTube)



Caught an eastbound engine move but have no clue what the symbol was. Neither did a couple other folks who were listening that afternoon. (Engine move on YouTube)


Next up on the afternoon lineup, another eastbound selection the 82T. A coal train which originates in Wyoming and was going to Beelsys Point, NJ. The surprise was two UP engines. (82T on YouTube)



Can't buy any good light for pictures today. This 16T bound for Allentown originated in Alabama and carried a fair amount of pipe on board. (16T on YouTube)


Last but not least the H49 was working at the Tillys yard. I am dying to catch a move across High St into Trappe Rock Quarry so I am always on the prowl when I hear them moving coal cars around. This was just a lot of back and forth using NS 3100 a recently rebuilt GP-40.



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