Trains on November 6, 2008

Too close for me

Even though the weather is crappy I headed out in the morning for a little railfanning in the morning. Just headed over to Pottstown to see what came along.

H8E heads west on two track through Pottstown station headed for CP-Bird.

What are the rollers on the left for?


I wasn't hearing much in the way of radio traffic but saw a bunch of MOW at Pottstown station so I took a ride toward Squirrel Hollow Rd. The crew was taking out the foundation for the old signal at 42.2. Also for those looking to acquire some memorabilia you missed your chance in Pottstown. Seems like they have removed all the old pieces. When the MOW pickup truck came west it never activated the lights and gates at Squirrel Hollow Rd. I thought I was going to become part of a T Bone accident but thankfully one driver noticed the other was coming. Amazing to see the only thing stopping the pickup were the rubber tires. Caught close ups of other unique MOW equipment heading west. I believe they were on the way to the Turkey Path to do some work. Also heard a new dispatcher training on the radio today. She's no Kenny but still sounded pretty good. KOK over.

By the way I never heard the symbol for the local led by NS 8833. Working this afternoon for a few hours. No more fun today.



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