Trains on November 5, 2008

Overcast in Pottstown

Spent about an hour at the Pottstown station while it was warm. Saw 5 trains. Not like those times Brad and I sit and watch the oxidation of steel. Not too exciting on this overcast day.

The closest thing to an event was the jackass on the bicycle almost becoming part of the 39G. I shouldn't have cropped it that tight. You could see the pedestrian gate down when he crossed.

Pictures of the following:
38G Eastbound NS9838 NS8331 NS9929

65Q Westbound NS9223 NS5412(CRQ) NS6765 NS9171 NS7503

Possible H48 Westbound NS3317 NS5826(Operation Lifesaver)

39G Westbound NS2671 NS9912 NS6638



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