Going with the Flow -
My World Series Parade story on 10/31/2008

Last year I made the trek as a Red Sox fan to Boston to be there for the World Series parade with Rob and Kaitlin. 16+ hours in the car round trip but well worth it. I figured a parade in Philadelphia for the Phillies, my all time favorite baseball team since I was a kid finally win I think this will be an easy parade. It was not to be.

This would be a day of changing plans and flexibility. The original plan was to meet at the R6 Spring Mill train station in Whitemarsh. Since Squiggs and Bob didn't finish up work til 7am and I was beat from my previous two days we didn't get an early start like our buddy Hugh Jecrection wanted to. Which he would remind us of on a fairly regular basis along the way when things looked bad.

We met at Squiggs house a little after 9am. All eight of us were ready to go, so Conshohocken here we come. Once we got to the Conshohocken train station we realized this wasn't going to be easy. It looked as though there were close to one thousand people standing on the platform waiting for a train. Many people took it in stride. Check out our friend dressed as the Phillies Phanatic as he led cheers from the middle of the tracks. A bunch of us had gotten phone calls from friends telling us that the train leaving Norristown was full already and had no room. So we thought, wait for the next train. As the first train came through I was really disappointed, one of SEPTA's AEM-7's pulling a long line of cars which you could tell were full. The next train which was the older Silverliner cars had so many people on board they let people ride in the end vestibules. They NEVER let that happen.

My buddy Hugh called SEPTA and complained since we had all bought tickets for the ride. SEPTA said they didn't have any more trains and they were trying to help. We were getting concerned that a train would never come for us and we would be stuck in Conshy for the day. So time for a change in plans. Of course the group looks to me for some guidance since I am a walking train users guide. I was the only one out of eight who had ever ridden the train before. (I thought that was nuts)

I suggested we try the Route 100 Norristown High Speed line then get to the El in Upper Darby. A food wagon even made an appearance and seemed to be doing a fairly decent amount of business too. As we left Conshohocken police set up barricades and fire police were dispatched to the scene. No we didn't have a radio with us, Hugh Jecretion had fire police in his pager. His plan for later in life.

End of Part 1 - More to come later

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