Pottstown Borough Building Fire - 08/20/2007

You know I want to preface this by saying fire police serve a vital purpose. In most cases the fire police are reasonable and professional. Tonight I run into the usual crap of  the "who you with?" game. This comes from a fire cop at my old company I used to run with. Does is it makes a difference who I run with? - if I am with a fire company does that give me a magical force field protecting me? Unreal...it delayed me from getting the really cool shots you all love. In a previous life I was a fire officer and did the hose jockey thing for 20 years. Most people in this area who know me understand that I am not going to take unnecessary risks to get a picture. (And so many wonder why I didn't come out for almost a year...LOL)

And on the other side of the scene I would like to say thank you to the fire police who let me into the scene knowing who I was. Also to the fire officer who let me know what the situation was on the scene of where to go and where not to go. Its cooperation like that and mutual respect that make it possible for me to share all my photos with you on here. It was great to see everyone out there. Hopefully I will continue to share the great work everyone does.


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