I wanted to build a page of railroad resources since I run into so many railfans who aren't familiar with with different information available on the net. This list is far from all encompassing, but is primarily what I use for information.

Websites with info

Railfan Pennsylvania - Nick A's site contains info on both Norfolk Southern and CSX with tours of areas as well as symbol guides for both railroads. Probably the most comprehensive and up to date website to be found for this area. Bookmark it!

Reading Railfan - Jim Rinker has some decent information about the Reading area, as well as very good tips for shooting photos and working with editing software. Pay close attention to his tips on where is ok to shoot photos and isn't ok in the Reading area.

RailroadRadio.net - Can't get trackside? Want to listen this is the spot. There is also a decent forum on this site

Trainorders.com - Website with forums and news. It is a pay site and I don't subscribe to it although people have shared info with me they get on there.

Yahoo mailing lists

Yahoo mailing lists can be a great source of information. They can also be a great source of pain. There are a few lists which are extremely helpful to particular areas of railfanning. Some lists contain sarcasm and some would even say ignorant behavior. I dish out some sarcasm here and there, if it bothers you either unsubscribe or just delete it. I honestly have filters set up to delete emails from certain people on lists right away because I have come to realize their info is a bunch of crap and their comments are just so dumb. Makes me wonder how many people do that to me....lol. The key thing to remember about internet lists is that the lists are for information sharing. If you want to make friends, share your info as much as you expect info.

Another vital thing is learn is how to use the search function. Most questions that you will have, were already asked and answered before you signed up. People have a tendency to become annoyed with new people who sign up for a group and ask questions that have already been beaten like a dead horse.

These lists are specific to my local area as I normally tell people I meet about the lists. If you want to find lists for your area do a Yahoo Groups Search. Check out each groups home page. It contains specific info as to what each group is about. My brief synopsis is not a guarantee as to what the group is about. Its your responsibility to know what you are signing up for.

NS Harrisburg Line - This list encompasses basically everything on Norfolk Southern from Harrisburg to Philadelphia. There are several reliable people with varying degrees of information they post from heads up to what they saw. One of, if not the most active group in eastern Pennsylvania.

NS Reading Line - Covering the Norfolk Southern line between Reading and Allentown. Sometimes info for this line appears on the Harrisburg line too.

NS Lehigh Line - Covering Norfolk Southern's Lehigh Line

Lansdale Rails - Primarly central Montgomery County and Bucks County info about Stony Creek Line and R5 Doylestown line which runs through Lansdale

CSX Philly Sub - Movements on CSX between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Railscan - A fairly decent size group which talks about railroad communications.

Railpics - Place for people to share rail photos. Good place to exchange info on techniques as well.

This list of mailing lists is very basic. You will find more by doing some searches and reading headers. A lot of people cross post info to multiple lists so carefully watching headers you may find more groups of interest to you.


So many of you who see me ask about the ATCS I want to point you in the right direction. I can't fully explain it because its like driving a car for me. I turn it on and it works. I know how to maintain it, I can make it go, but don't ask me how it works. All I will say is the thingie starts blipping and another thingie reads it and colors the map and presto you are good to go. Anyway, here are the links.

ATCSmon - Website with info on how it works and how to get it.

ATCSwiki - Wikipedia with info on ATCS. Remember wiki is built by users so take the info with a grain of salt, it may not always be 100% correct.

ATCS Yahoo Group - Where people go and talk about the ATCS program and such.