California Highway Patrol

The first 2 of the Durango were when the non patch swapping officer out of South Lake Tahoe pulled me over for speeding. What a loser!

The Camaro and motorcycle were in Monterey, CA at the Cherry's Jubilee Registration. Got to sit and chat with two great CHP officers for a bit. They even offered to let my daughter sit on the wheel. She was too scared.

Motorcycle is a 2002 BMW 1150. Officer carries a handheld radar on board. They are on the bike year round except when it rains. Lucky guys.

The 4th row with the Crown Vic slicktop was at Salinas PD


California State Park Police

Carmel by the Sea Police Department

Got these while on vacation in Monterey, California.

City of Marina Police Department

The white cars are the older style and the black and whites are the newer ones. When I was there I saw someone leave in an older white model.


City of Monterey Police Department

Was just driving around and stumbled upon City Hall. Got to shoot a bunch of different vehicles. Patrol car, patrol SUV, Beach unit, and the prisoner transport van.

Monterey County Sheriff's Department

Lucked out and caught the Deputy while he was filling up with fuel. His bike is a 1993 Kawasaki. I really like this bike, it looks like a police bike and for those of you old enough to remember, Ponch and Jon rode Kawasaki's. At least those were the CHP bikes on the show CHiPs. Strangest thing of all is the officers purchase and maintain their own bikes. Department registers and insures but each officer buys his/her own wheel. Guess you have to do what it takes to get a motor. Note the radar unit on the left side of the bike, faces to the front and back.

The black gang task force Crown Vic was parked at Salinas PD. The marked unit was on the street in Castroville.


Pacific Grove Police Department

This police department is located on the Monterey Peninsulas near Minterey and Pebble Beach. Cute little town with nice waterfront area.


City of Pomona Police Department

The one on the left is a 1956 that has been reconstituted, cleaned up, but it looks like an old Pomona vehicle. Photos appear courtesy of the Oldies of Pomona, who meet every Monday to sell our Associations items.

Salinas Police Department

Salinas prides itself as being the world's salad bowl, agriculture is a huge part of the local economy. Police here are dealing with a gang problem as well which probably explains the need for a gang task force.


Seaside Police Department

The RV looking vehicle is a Mobile Community Substation

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety

This is a combination Fire, Police and EMS department. I only shot photos of the police cars. They seem to mostly have the black and white cruisers with the exception of the white one I stumbled upon parked at the High School on Fremont Avenue. The shrink wrapped vehicle is some sort of recruitment vehicle.