My 1983 Suzuki Tempter GR650

In mid May 2007 I parted with my Suzuki Tempter to one of my friends at Skycare. At least I may catch a glimpse of the bike from time to time. Since you can't ride two bikes at once it was silly to keep both of them.

After riding it a few times, I am becoming more comfortable. I just need to work on a luggage rack of some sort to carry my computer and camera bag at one time. There is another website I found by a gentleman in Maryland who made some modifications to his bike. The tough part is because the bike is so rare, there are few, if any websites that list my make and model. Looks like it will be a bonding project with my son.

Here is a link to some riders who met in the Netherlands. Someone even has my identical paint scheme. These people all met through a GR650 forum board that has several members overseas. I believe there are only around 300-400 of this particular model of bike in the entire world. I enjoy having something truly unique.

September 25, 2006 - I bought a sissy bar and rear luggage rack off eBay for $30. Gives me a little more leeway in what I can carry and looks nice on the bike. There is a small tear in the pad on the bar, but it is easy enough to get fixed over winter time. Thanks to my lovely wife for helping me put the thing on.

On a side note I have ridden around 500 miles. Fortunately I have found time to ride for fun and just get out of the house for a while here and there.