Thursday September 27, 2007 - York Open House

This trip was somewhat of a letdown to say the least. I expected it to be a bit larger and more to do and more sights to see <wink wink>. I guess if you go on Friday or Saturday there are more people and it isn't as easy to move around. We only stayed for about 45 minutes then decided to split. Figured I could always go back later and visit and do almost everything there with the exception of hitting the visiting dealer tents or demo rides. I still bought a shirt for the Mechanicsburg, PA dealership because it was nice. So was the salesgirl who rung me out. =)

Photos pretty much show the highlights of the day. A handful of police motors made the ride up from Montgomery County, Maryland. I lucked out and got some up close photos of their wheels. Also got to see Harley new "Rocker". I don't like it. Then again I am not really fond of the anniversary model bikes which look like copper.

Got an up close look at what appeared to be a trike but had a 4th wheel. Does it still count as a motorcycle? Does the 4th wheel change the class of vehicle? Hmmmmm. Something to think about.