Wednesday September 26, 2007 - Mansfield...why?

I have been saying for most of the summer I wanted to go to Mansfield for lunch. I liked the back of the t-shirt at the dealer in Mansfield and I figured that the scenery of upstate Pennsylvania had to be seen. I mean Rendell is always on television pushing how great our in state tourism is.

I found some cool towns along the way. Pine Grove and Hegins in Schuylkill County were pretty neat. The houses and street layouts were what some may consider "All American". Both towns were fairly clean too. Pine Grove has a North End Fire Company. The tanker is theirs and they are station 58.

While traveling on I-180 on the way up I saw the sign for the Harley dealer in Williamsport. Not originally planned as a stop but it was too close not to stop and check it out. Found out the dealership is located in a building that at one time was a Pep Boys. (I know real interesting)

US-15 between Williamsport and Mansfield is basically all highway now. Part of Bud Shuster's I-99 corridor. It was nice to travel so quickly but you don't see a whole lot of scenery and the road is so high up it was real windy. It is nice to see PennDOT building brand new roads that are sparsely traveled when US-422 is a piece of shit. The girls at the Cox dealership were friendly and helpful. Directed me to some food places in the area. I found a Mansfield cop doing a traffic stop and did photos of his car. I ended up grabbing pizza at a gas station/convenience store in Mansfield. The last time I got pizza at a gas station was in Mechanic Falls, Maine.

On the way home I stopped at the Little League headquarters in Williamsport. Got to walk  on both stadium fields. One of the grounds crew people told me I could walk on the field to get some pictures and some bossy bitch chased me away. I wonder if she volunteers with a local organization in her neighborhood <wink>.

Made it home in one piece although a little sore. Trip odometer read over 400 miles. I guess I am in training for a Maine run next year.