My 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster XL883

Well after hunting and shopping for a Harley basically since I started riding my Suzuki, I stumbled across a deal which was too good to be true. A "used" 2006 Harley with 358 miles on it. It was the size and color I wanted and only an hour away from home to get it. So I jumped on it. Guess I will be working a little extra here and there to pay for it, but I think it is worth it. Still costs me much less than if I smoked or drank on a regular basis. Sometimes you have to live a little and do for yourself. I thank my lovely wife for encouraging me to get it.

For those of you who want to buy me gifts. Harley Davidson let me make an online WISH LIST.


10/31/2006 - I went out to ride for relaxation today. I will write about my excursion later tonight on MYPACE.COM

Now that you have seen my bike take a look here. Scroll down the page and keep your eyes open. ;-)

11/02/2006 - I got the Suzuki out of the shop today. $800 later and replacing the starter (which I broke) and the voltage rgulator. So now I have a choice of bikes to ride. Guess which one gets out first?

01/06/2007 - I had ordered some after market parts for the Sportster to personalize it. I added a small rack to the rear fender and a highway bar with built in foot rests for those long trips. Fortunately my younger brother showed up as we have been trying to ride together for quite a while. If it weren't for him I may still be fighting with the highway bar or would have thrown it across the street. Anyway, here is how it looks. I also took some pictures of his 2000 Sportster 883 with mine. Interesting to compare the differences in the two models side by side.

02/01/2007 - Well Mr. All Thumbs is at it again. This time I was going to add the large saddlebags to the Sportster. After the pain in the ass the highway bar was you would think I would have paid someone to do it or definitely waited on my brother to help me out. We moved the bike inside the finished basement, so its actually pretty easy to add things right now. LET IT SNOW ITS ASS OFF!!!! LOL.

Bike is in need of a good cleaning. I hope to wipe it down and dry it off soon.


June 10, 2007 - I decided to add a Sissy bar and small rack to the bike to make it easier to carry my bags. I added a pillion seat to go with the sissy bar and rack so it didn't look silly. Took me about 2 hours to do it all since I had to remove the saddlebags for the install. I added passenger foot pegs too.

June 25, 2007 - My windshield has finally arrived. After being told I will become spoiled having the windshield I get to find out.